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You can send me a note if you are interested in ordering a commission after you have read the info below.

What I'll draw:
-       FiM Ponies
-       OC Ponies
-       Legend of Korra
-       Anything we can agree on

-       One character: €40
-       Two characters: €55
-       For every OC: + €5
-       For every nonpony character: + €5

-       A clear description of what you want me to draw: visual details of the picture you want.
-       Reference pictures are a great help for telling me what you want, this could also be colors.
-       Keep the description to the point.

After we agree on a deal you'll get my paypal information. I'll start working on the commission as soon as possible after receiving your payment.

I strive to develop my skills and I really enjoy digital art but I only have a limited amount of time to draw so it will probably take about a week depending on how busy I am.

Any questions? Don't hesitate and send me a note! :D
So apparently I didn't post a journal post for over half a year… time for an update!

The summer break was awesome! Went on a hitchhiking trip with one of my best friends for 5 weeks and we traveled approximately 4000 km Hitchhiking. We visited friends, some of them we did not even know before the trip! In the photo you can see some of the places we traveled.
It was great and I want to go hitchhiking again next summer. So prepare your couch so I can crash at your place for a day or two. (Also you can come to the Netherlands and couchsurf here).

The last months before my summer break were really busy because of my bachelor project for mechanical engineering, I am happy that it is behind me now. This year I'll do a pre-master year to switch to industrial design engineering, that means lots of graphic design, concept sketching and that kind of stuff.

People often ask if they can use my art for a fanfic, a video, avatar or something like that. I think that is great, you don't have to ask if you make sure to credit me by adding a link. Please tell me when you use something, I would really like to know. Just don't use my art commercially so no mouse pads on eBay…

Anyway, what did you do this summer? Tell me tell me tell me!

ow.. and I'll upload something soon.. probably..
Zeebry got this aerograph on his tablet, it looks so cool! ^^

As most of you already know my entries got 2nd and 5th place in the category Hand Drawn Digital Artwork. I want to thank the people from Equestria Daily for organizing the December Draw-Off Art Contest. Everyone that helped to make this possible, Thank you so much!

Also I want to thank Calpain for the pleasant email exchange to take care of some technical things since I live outside the US. Calpain, you rock!

2nd Place:
Happy Holidays by Br0ny

5th Place:
Celestia by Br0ny

Congratulations to the other winners! Check out the Results in the link below:
The December Draw-Off Results

These two weeks have been difficult, a lot of studying and the test last week didn't go so well but this good news from EqD makes everything so much better. I'm already looking forward to next week when the tests are over and I probably have time to draw again. Knowing that people appreciate it is really motivating and makes me want to draw more!
I'm so excited I could just... I don't know what, just so happy right now!!!

More info will follow soon...
Drawing one of the mane6 as a seapony.
It will probably be my most detailed work up to now, trying to improve my skills...

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the holidays, I did :)
Ow and commissions are closed for now, need to study a lot in the next few weeks, yay! :(
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A Premium Membership was given to me by an awesome anonymous person. Thanks for being so generous, I was really surprised to find out and it made my day ^^. Not sure when holidays start all over the world but I wish you all happy holidays and a wonderful time with family and friends!
This journal post contains my commission information and status.

You can send me a note if you are interested in ordering a commission after you have read the info below.

A few examples (all commissions):

Luna and Twilight by Br0ny
Apollo Heart and Rainbow Dash by Br0ny
Happy Holidays by Br0ny

What I draw:
- Official FiM Ponies
- Maybe other things like Legend of Korra

Prices (for pony commissions):
- One character: 40 Euros
- Two characters: 55 Euros

- A clear description of what you want me to draw: visual details of the picture you want.
- Reference pictures are a great help for telling me what you want, this could also be colors.
- Keep the description to the point.

Purchasing more than one commission is possible. After we agree on a deal I'll give you my paypal information. I'll start working on the commission as soon as possible after receiving your payment.

I strive to develop my skills and I really enjoy digital art but I only have a limited amount of time to draw so it will probably take about two weeks depending on how busy I am.

I'd like to hear from you if you are seriously considering a commission after reading all the information.
How did I get over 1k page views in a day? Is it Reddit? I think it is but maybe I'm wrong...

Anyway, after the weekend I'll post a journal entry about commissions (paypal). More info about that will follow then.

Ow and in my last journal I talked about a Celestia submission, it's about 80% done. For now I'll be too busy preparing for 'Sinterklaas surprises' ^^.
The episode was awesome and we got a new song!
Gotta watch it again, bye...

Ow and I'm drawing Princess Celestia (will be uploaded somewhere next week)

And we are finished... Aaahw I want more episodes :(
Anyway, it was fun watching everything with AxemGR and our dA friends :)
Hope to see you again next time!

Another sketch from my point of view (not the one you see below):…

Currently at episode 14

streamlink: (livestream . com/chuckls)

stop working/sleep/slacking off/studying and join us!!!

(That is if you love fun things)


AxemGR is setting up his laptop to stream within a few minutes :)

If you don't know what I'm talking about read this:

streamlink: (livestream . com/chuckls)

We'll wait for a few people to join before we start (so we can have breakfast :P) and there will be youtubes and stuff in the meantime.
We (AxemGR and I) will have another livestream marathon where we watch all the episodes with a selection of youtube 'commercials' that you request. Please feel free to stop by and enjoy this wonderful show with us.

The stream will start this Wednesday at 10.00am Dutch time, that is 9.00am GMT, 4.00am EST and 1.00am PST.
I really don't know what timezone you're in so I guess you'll be able to figure it out with these (if they are correct...)

It will probably be streaming for about 15 hours.

See you Wednesday!

You'll get the link later.

WeLoveFine Contest

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 26, 2011, 5:07 AM

I put my discord submission on a shirt for the WeLoveFine Contest.
It would be awesome if you could vote 5/5.

Discord by Br0ny

vote here:…


Fanart is Magic

Luna in the living room

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 19, 2011, 3:23 PM

AxemGR is freaking awesome!

Yesterday was his birthday and he ordered a 90x60cm/35x24inch canvas print… for in our living room.



Chuck is always supporting and motivating me to draw, without him my gallery wouldn't exist in the first place! Thanks Chuck and I wish you many happy years :D (third time I congratulate you on dA, sorry for that). Anyway, check out Chuck's account AxemGR

Something else: I hope to draw something new soon but I don't really have any inspiration at the moment. Hopefully I'll find some soon...

Fanart is Magic
Go watch episode two... You did? Good!

Poor twilight, those gray ponies must be a pain in the flank. Flutterbitch was epic!

Episode two was so much fun, maybe a bit too random but I laughed my ass off. The story was amusing, a bit much for the 22 minutes but still nice. The way that Discord was defeated is the only thing I really disliked. Really? Just like that? A disappointing anti-climax if you ask me.

Anyway, the first 20 minutes were freaking awesome. Looking forward to the next episode, especially with the remastered opening theme!
Haha, Discord is freaking hilarious, a perfect source for more randomness! It is interesting to see how he messes with the ponies' minds. Everything seems to go really fast in this episode, they could easily fill 44 minutes with the story of the first part. Gold material for fanart ideas, how random and chaotic can things get? Awesome!

The Hub also need a bit more chaos, let's say two new episodes every week, 44 minutes each? Make it happen Discord!
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Journal Entry: Tue Sep 6, 2011, 1:40 PM
It finally happened, the ponies we love have reached the Netherlands too and of course they needed to be voiced in Dutch. I have to say that it is not as bad as I expected, although more than half of the jokes that play on words are just lost in the language. Anyway, I had a good laugh because of some of the funny and weird sentences they thought of, it just doesn't sound right and you can hear them struggle with it. We will record as many episodes as possible to re-watch, make fun of it and secretly like it too.

The sixth element is... well, it will be "magie" of course ...toverkracht! Are you kidding me?! That just sounds stupid.
meh, nothing is perfect...

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This might take a while to load if you have a slow connection ;)



Pretty epic, right?! My friends made this for my birthday. We were joking about making brownies for my birthday, we make brownies almost every time we hang out but this time it was 8 times more than normal and they made ponies out of edible paper.

Unfortunately they don't want to watch even a single episode and they try to convince me it is weird that I like the show even though they know almost nothing about it. At least they took the time to make one of the paper ponies look like an actual character from the show (you know her :)):


Last week was awesome, I went to spain with 7 other people, I only knew the person who invited me to go (because they needed another driver :P) It was really cool and the other people I got to know are awesome too :). Now I'm back in Holland and next week I'll probably be able to start drawing again (don't have my Wacom here).

tl;dr, I'm still alive, got a ponybrowniecake for my birthday.
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The Season One Marathon was a great success. :iconaxemgr: and I planned to do a marathon but we didn't think of streaming it too until :iconmclaughlin1234: asked if she could join us.

That is when we started to stream from Enschede, the Netherlands. We were accompanied by some great bronies:
(If I'm forgetting someone please tell me :))

We also had commercial breaks after every episode and with commercials we mean awesome youtube vids ofcourse :P

Thank you guys for joining us, it was a great day. The Season Two Marathon will be announced a few days in advance so you and others will know about it :)